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 We exist so you can

build a better relationship with your food,

and truly enjoy what’s on your plate. 

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Hey there!
We’re Sakina & Joshua, 

co-founders of Herbivore Farms. 

Back in 2017, on a quest to discover ourselves, we rediscovered our relationship with food. 

It all started on a small farm in the township of Auroville, where, for the first time, we understood the meaning of “eating fresh”. We had recently quit our jobs and were hungry to learn new ways in which we could add more value to our community. We chose to volunteer on a farm so we could get our hands dirty and spend a majority of the day outdoors. (After working jobs sitting on a desk the whole day, this sounds quite nice, right?)


We were given a thaali everyday for our labour, made from produce freshly picked off the farm the same morning. Simple, wholesome, fresh & probably the most delicious food we had ever tasted. We noticed how we were also feeling more energized, focused and content.


These are the wonders of eating fresh – eating food that has been harvested recently. Current food distribution networks, especially in metro cities, do not allow us to eat food at its peak of nutrition & flavor. Most of us have no idea where our food comes from, who grows it, how its grown, and what’s really in it. (Pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides?!?)
We wanted to tackle these problems and find solutions to conserve natural resources that are used to feed our communities. 

That’s why


was born. 

We build farms with a responsibility.

To provide the safest, freshest, and most flavorful food, that's cultivated kindly.  


Yours truly,

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